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Track credits and videos coming…

Sunday, June 27, 2010 • Posted in “Uncategorized”

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As I explained in the first post announcing the Paul McCartney Project, I’m trying to improve the structure of the site before filling up more information… Today I have added the support of track credits and YouTube videos. Quick review…

Track credits

For each track of an album, it’s now possible to add track credits. The implementation is pretty flexible: any number of people could play any number of instrument on any track 🙂 For the moment, only the Flaming Pie album now have track credits.

During the implementation of track credits, I have also started working on the “edit / write” features of the site : the screen below gives you an idea of how track credits can be edited directly from the site. Currently, this “edit / write” mode is not public : I need to perfect it before I can open it to fellow contributors 🙂

The Paul McCartney project - Edit track

YouTube videos

While adding the support of YouTube videos to this WordPress-enabled site was just a matter of adding the right plug-in, I got a dilemna about this feature. On YouTube, you can almost find any song of McCartney – most of them are illegal copies of official recordings usually with a few photos of McCartney to serve as visuals; obviously I don’t want this kind of material to be added on the site.

Still, there are also some hidden gems on YouTube (capture of live events or TV shows…) that are not available as for-sale materials. There is a fine line between the illegal or legal stuff that is sometimes difficult to find ; so I don’t expect posting a lot of YouTube videos on the site, but carefully chosen ones. The first one is a video of India, an unreleased song that was made available through the “Secret Website” show, a now-extinct official website that was only accessible by those owning the “Back to the US” DVD.


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