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Sunday, August 15, 2010 • Posted in “About this site

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A quick update on the progress of this project:

  • I have been busy working on the backoffice tools to manage the data set, especially the ability to quickly import albums and songs. As an evidence of this progress, I have added the original Beatles albums, and a couple of other albums (like this interesting 3-CDs bootleg with live rarities in the recent years).
  • I have also started adding set lists for the recent concerts, and also linking YouTube videos. You can look at the page for the July’10 Charlotte concert, with 6 videos added, for an example.
  • To let you appreciate the evolution of the data set, I will share this graph showing the number of albums / tracks / songs / concerts / videos on a monthly basis. Of course, this quantitative approach is not what matters the most to me: I also know there are challenges with the quality of data.

The Paul McCartney project - Data stats (Aug'10)


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