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The Paul McCartney Project featured on the official Macca blog…

Aug 03, 2010 • Posted in “About this site
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Whaou… Despite publishing this blog and having written a post on my personal blog, I’ve considered that The Paul McCartney Project was still in stealth mode: I didn’t want too much exposure considering the database is far from complete. But when looking at my Google Analytics traffic this morning, I found this amazing peak:

Traffic peak on the Paul McCartney project

It all comes from a post on the official Macca blog. Now I’m kind of exposed 😀 and I need to make quick progress on the content 🙂 Overall, the few comments are great, which really encourages me to develop this project (and yes, Brian Ray will soon be added to the database 🙂 ).

Today, to celebrate this surge of traffic, I’m releasing the complete sets of tours and belonging concerts (I still miss special concerts though) and a new Concerts page. Next step: being able to easily submit track lists for concerts, and link Flickr / YouTube ressources. Stay tuned 🙂


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