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October updates

Sunday, October 31, 2010 • Posted in “About this site

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As you can see with the stats below, huge progress has been done this month to fill the set lists for the various tours (from the Wings period to the latest “Up And Coming Tour“).

The Paul McCartney project - Data stats (Oct'10)

There are also a few updates that have been pushed:

  • On the Concerts page, you now have the possibility to filter by country. Also some specific concerts not part of any tours have been added.
  • On the “All Songs” page, the cover of the album where each song has been officially published is now displayed in front of each song title. ¬†Expect some refinement options pretty soon, to select only official or unofficial songs, songs written by McCartney or songs written by others…
  • For each song, on its dedicated page, you will find a new Videos module that lists official videos or fan videos captured during concerts. See for instance the page for “I’m looking through you“.

The song page for "I'm looking through you"

What to expect in November? I would say the same mix of data updates and site updates. The data updates become easier and easier as I’m doing progress in the automation tools ; and through the data updates come a lot of new ideas to organize information. In particular, I hope to continue making progress on the Song pages, for instance by separating the live renditions from the demo/studio/outtakes parts.


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