The Paul McCartney Project

December updates

Dec 27, 2010

Six months have passed since I’ve started this project. Half a year and nearly the end of 2010; it’s time for a quick review!

The good

  • A project that keeps me excited 🙂
  • I’m quite happy with the site itself: I don’t get too bored of the site design, the productivity tools enable me to add content quite easily…
  • Lot of ideas to move the project forward in 2011 🙂

The less good

  • Filling the setlists for all the concerts is quite boring, but I know I will be able to produce some nice stats once it is done.
  • Not a lot of visitors for now; I need to develop awareness of the project in the coming months.

The December updates

A huge leap forward in terms of concert setlists, only two new albums added, a few features added but that need polish before I can talk about them… Overall, a not so productive month as I have been busy on other fronts 🙂

I wish you a pleasant end of 2010, and a wonderful 2011!

The Paul McCartney project - Data stats (Dec'10)

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