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Paul to Restore Motown Museum’s Grand Piano

Oct 29, 2011 • Posted in About this site

Motown Museum in Detroit announced that Paul McCartney has commissioned experts from Steinway & Sons to restore the 1877 grand piano at the Motown museum in Detroit, Michigan. When I visited the Motown Museum, I remembered listening to records as a kid in Liverpool, learning the songs ‘You Really Got a Hold on Me’ (by

Paul McCartney marries Nancy Shevell

Oct 09, 2011 • Posted in A day in the life

From, October 9, 2011: Sir Paul returned to the same venue 42 years later to make US heiress Nancy Shevell his wife number three. There were no sobbing girls collapsing into the arms of policemen as when he wed Linda Eastman in 1969, although fans from as far afield as Japan turned out for

March update

Mar 27, 2011 • Posted in About this site

A pretty big update this month, with mainly two series of albums added… The first one is the series from Atlasstar covering the ’75/’76 word tour by the Wings. This series is only available as web bootlegs, but with artworks for each album. Here is how the author describes his project: This project started out

February update

Feb 27, 2011 • Posted in About this site

The February has been posted with 10 new albums (including the “Let’Em Out” series). Pretty small update, but the numbers don’t say it all : I’ve also cleaned up some data, removing songs that were not songs, adding some more comments for some albums… There are also some various small features added here and there

January update

Jan 23, 2011 • Posted in About this site

The January update has been posted with the addition of 13 new albums, 338 album tracks, 5 new concerts and 257 concert tracks. Not such a great update, even if I have been busy doing some research for the further updates – establishing accurate set lists for concerts proves to be a difficult task!!! Last updated on