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Sunday, March 27, 2011 • Posted in “About this site

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A pretty big update this month, with mainly two series of albums added…

The first one is the series from Atlasstar covering the ’75/’76 word tour by the Wings. This series is only available as web bootlegs, but with artworks for each album. Here is how the author describes his project:

This project started out simply because I wanted to transfer all of my 30-something year collection of audio tapes to digital before they turned to magnetic dust. As interest grew I began sharing it with the greater community. All of these shows posted are from vintage cassettes, none of them are the usual boots in circulation. Many are the same source tapes used for the boots but that’s where the similarity ends. Some of these shows never appeared on bootlegs and the reason for that was because of the poor quality of the recording. So be warned, some of these shows are not very good recordings. So if you want only good quality shows you won’t want to download every single one. If you are interested in every show available you are in the right place. I am still working on the series, it is far from complete. When I finish them all I will post my thoughts on the best shows out of the whole bunch.

For now, the series starts with the Elstree Rehearsal Show on September, 6th 1975, and ends with the coverage of the concert in Tucson on June, 18th 1976.

The other series added is the 17-CDs of the Oobu Joobu Radio Show. From Wikipedia:

Oobu Joobu was a radio show created by Paul McCartney in 1995 and described by McCartney as “wide-screen radio”. The program aired on the American radio network Westwood One and its name was inspired by a BBC production of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Cocu. Because the show’s material included demos, rehearsals, live performances, and unreleased recordings of Paul McCartney and The Beatles, many of the programs have been bootlegged.

Along with the other updates, it’s a total of 86 albums added this month!

The Paul McCartney project - Data stats (Mar'11)

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