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March update

Saturday, March 1, 2014 • Posted in “About this site

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I’ve just pushed live a major update to this site, both in terms of features and content. Quick review.


  • A new homepage that I hope provides easier access to the site content – and provides better compatibility with tablets & smartphones. The big image
  • A new template for song pages. It took me a while to figure out how to organize the song pages, but I’m pretty pleased with the current results, showing text information about the song, official & non-official releases, videos and concerts where the song has been performed. Of course, to make this new template shine, it requires a very good content for each song – I’m not still there, but here are a few songs that give a good flavor of good quality content I’m aiming for – (I want to) Come Home), There’s A Place,
  • Design changes all over the site, from subtle changes I might be the only one to notice to more noticeables ones (I hope !) like the site footer or the auto-suggest.


  • More than 400 albums! Recently added: the Beatles US albums, the Beatles Anthology (1, 2, 3Rockestra Session
  • Wikipedia content added on most of the official songs – still a lot of tidy up to do!
  • A lot of “here and there” fixes

Tell me what you think!

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