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New features (December ’14)

Sunday, December 21, 2014 • Posted in “About this site

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The last blog post is dated March ’14 ; but the project is far from being inactive, with many new features introduced on regular basis, and also frequent pushes of new content. I’ll try to be more disciplined in describing changes on the site. Let’s start with some new features launched today.

  • New Timeline pages. The year-by-year timeline pages have been refreshed with a simplified interface, and more content added. This is still a work-in-progress, as more content could be surfaced on those pages. See the 2014 page as an example.
  • Improvements on the Artist pages. I haven’t put much focus on the Artist pages so far ; but in the past weeks, I’ve started to play with those, to foster ideas. Among the early improvements: new “related artists” section, better display of contribution to songs. See the pages for Nigel Godrich, Jason Falkner and James Gadson as examples.
  • A new logo, and mobile icons. I’ve slightly refreshed the logo of the site, making it bigger & better looking on mobile devices. And if you bookmark the site on a mobile device, you will now get a better looking icon.
  • Under the hood. An update to the latest technical libraries – WordPress 4.1, Foundation 5.5, Jquery 2.1.3. Main benefits? Speed & less bugs!

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