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Content update – The “McCartney” album (1970)

Sunday, March 1, 2015 • Posted in “About this site

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I’ve never been really organized in my way to build this site – jumping from one thing to another without method. But I feel I’ve reached a point where I need to be more structured to really improve the depth of content. My way to tackle this is to follow the chronological order ; and consider album after album, concert after concert… and deep dive. I could (should?) have started in 1957 when everything really started (at least when it comes to material which has surfaced), but I decided to start in 1970 with Paul’s very first solo (and eponym) album.

So here we are – “McCartney” released in April 1970.

Two editions that matter:

The album has been recorded during three series of sessions:

There is the official tracklist consisting of: The Lovely Linda ; That Would Be Something ; Valentine Day ; Every Night ; the medley Hot As Sun / Glasses / Suicide ; Junk ; Man We Was Lonely ; Oo You ; Momma Miss America ; Teddy Boy ; Singalong Junk ; and the should-have-been-a-single Maybe I’m Amazed.

Then there are the out-takes released as part of the 2011 re-release – Suicide, Don’t Cry Baby and Women Kind.

And there are the rumored songs which haven’t yet surfaced – Rupert Guitar, Backwards Guitar Piece, Cavendish Parade.

I hope you will enjoy reading all those pages, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

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