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September 2015 updates

Saturday, October 3, 2015 • Posted in “About this site

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Another busy month – judge by yourself!

  • 1957-1960 concerts added. The genesis of the Beatles. It means all the Quarry Men / Silver Beatles / Beatles concerts from 1957 to 1966 are now in the database. Lot of work remaining to enhance the set lists (when they are known), add pictures, notes & comments.
  • New sessions pages. The session pages have been enhanced, and can now list the personnel during the session, the location of the studio or place for the session, the credits for each song recorded during the session… The first session featuring all those enhancements is the first ever studio recording by Paul with the Quarry Men in 1958.
  • Paypal Donate button. You may have seen that there is no advertisement on this site, as I don’t want to compromise the user experience. However, there are some costs involved in maintaining and enriching the site: mostly hosting / server costs & acquiring new books. If you like what you are seeing here, pls consider giving a few $ or € to help !
  • Small enhancements. Lot of adjusments on the new design, some enhancements on the Timeline page… Would be too long & boring to list them all !
  • Last but not least, 1650 friends on Facebook! Thank you all !
Paul playing The 100 Club in London, 2010. Photo by MJ Kim (?)
Paul playing The 100 Club in London, 2010. Photo by MJ Kim (?)

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