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January 2016 updates

Sunday, February 14, 2016 • Posted in “About this site

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After some busy months and a break in November, I worked again on The Paul McCartney Project in December – but at slower pace, and then January has been a bit more busy. Quick review of the main changes.

  • First, I took the time to do some technical adjustments here and there (upgrades of WordPress, bugfixes…). You may also notice some design adjustments, especially when browsing with smartphones or looking at the Collections page.
  • I then did some major changes in the backoffice tools. To manage the content available on the site, I had created a set of tools to measure the quality ; and I’ve spent time to improve those in December.
  • Content-wise, I have spent time reviewing, updating & upgrading the 2015-related pages (for instance, adding the appearance at Saturday Night Live along with Bruce Springsteen in December)
  • First 2016 page with the Skype “Love Mojis” created by Paul.
  • Last but not least, I did a lot of work to enhance the pages related to Please Please Me & With The Beatles albums. Those pages now represent the state-of-the art I’d like to reach for any album & song pages on this site. The Beatles songs & albums have been covered by many sites ; but I still believe this site adds a specific & interesting flavor, in particular mixing official releases & bootlegs, and presenting versioning of the songs.
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© 2016 MPL Communications Ltd

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ehwalled 4 years ago

Hi There, appreciate all the work on here. its terrific. Seen there is MoMac's Hidden Tracks Volume 31 and 32? Can you pm where you found them? Thanks again.

admin 4 years ago

Hi ehwalled, thanks for your message. I don't remember where I found Volume 31 & 32 ; but those have not been created by the same person who created Volume 1-30.