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The Paris concert, short review

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 • Posted in “About this site

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Here is a short review (and some photos) of the Paris concert I had the privilege to join (soundcheck included!).

On the plus side:

  • Almost 74 years old, and still able to manage a 50mn soundcheck + 2h40 concert … without drinking water 🙂
  • Over the years, hard-core fans tend to argue about the setlist which doesn’t incorporate enough changes / is too Beatles centric. The soundcheck was the opportunity to hear a lot of rarities, “Hope Of Deliverance“, “Ram On“, “Bluebird“, “Only Mama Knows“. Druing the concert we’ve heard some recent stuff like “FourFiveSeconds“, “Save Us“, “Queenie Eye“, “New“… and it’s always incredibly joyful hearing the good old Beatles song. So not much issue on my side regarding the setlist.
  • All the audience singing songs after songs – what an atmosphere!
  • The acoustic set with “You Won’t See Me“, “Love Me Do“, “In Spite Of All The Danger” was a great change – in terms of stage setting & pleasure to hear the old stuff stripped down and live.

On the minus side:

  • Being on the front row, the sound was on the loud side – sometimes very difficult to hear his voice at all (no, it was not because of his voice 🙂 ). The sound was particularly painful on “My Valentine“, a shame for such a great song.
  • The pre-concert scrolling video has changed, from a vertical scrolling to an horizontal scrolling – not a change for the better.

A few things to add:

  • It was the same setlist as in the recent concerts, with Michelle added (as usual in France),
  • The crowd starting Give Peace A Chance after Here Today (and Paul following),
  • A mention to the November events in Paris,
  • A French flag carried by Paul during the encore with the crowd starting the French hymn and Paul starting God Save The Queen,
  • A couple getting married on stage,
  • An Ukrainian girl dressed like the statue on Wings Greatest and brought on stage as well.

See you next time, Paul!

Paul arriving at the soundcheck, and engaging with the audience
Paul arriving at the soundcheck, and engaging with the audience
Wings Greatest Cover Girl !
Wings Greatest Cover Girl !

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