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Monday, November 19, 2018 • Posted in “About this site

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The “People” section (previously entitled “Artists”) has always been & therefore felt unfinished. At last, I’ve spent some time working on it and make it – I believe – more useful to all our visitors. Quick review of what has changed below…

First, the aim of the “People” section is to reference all people who have in one way or another crossed the path of Paul McCartney – as family members, influencers, collaborators… We can also find some fake people, like the pseudonyms that Paul has used in his career.

On the main “People” page, the main changes are:

  • The ability to filter people by “collaborator”, “influencer”, “producers”… A lot of work remains to properly tag the 1575 (!) people available in our database ; it will get better overtime, bear with us!
  • The introduction of a new “line-ups” section.

The new line-ups page for now lists the different Wings line-up, the Beatles obviously & Paul’s backing band since 2001. Again lot of work to be done to make this page exhaustive!

On each line-up page (see Wings 1972-1973), you will find the members of the line-up ; and also a description, some photos.

The new individual people page

Pages for individual people (see for instance the page for Denny Laine) have been updated to:

  • List the songs written by the artist (if applicable)
  • List the albums by the artist (if applicable)
  • List the albums the artist contributed to (if applicable)
  • Also available in a detailed page and if applicable, list all songs the artist contributed to (see the example for Denny Laine)

Tour & concert pages have also been updated with a left-hand side module that list the band members – for instance the Wing Over Europe page references the “Wings 1972-1973” line-up.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through those pages, even if a lot of work remains to improve the content. We also welcome any feedback you might have!

Last updated on March 18, 2019


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Katie 3 years ago

Very interesting! I always confuse the Wings lineups, it'll be very helpful to see who was in the band for each tour/album.Good luck with tagging all those people. Great work as always.

The PaulMcCartney Project 3 years ago

Thanks for the kind words Katie !

I've added the list of members for most of the tours - not for the albums - adding that to my to-do list, thanks !