"Holly Days" sessions

Summer 1976 • For Denny Laine

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Holly Days Official album.
Rude Studio, High Park Farm, Kintyre, Scotland, UK



Paul McCartney:
keyboards, drums, bass guitar, organ, guitars, drum machine, synthesizers, backing vocals, piano
Linda McCartney:
backing vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine:
guitars, vocals

Production staff

Paul McCartney:


What about Buddy Holly? You made a whole tribute album to him at the height of Wings’ fame in 1977, called “Holly Days.” How did that come about?

Everybody loved Buddy Holly. He was the ultimate influence when it came to songwriting. Paul and I knew all the Buddy Holly songs. We could jam to any of those things. The Buddy Holly album came about because he bought… some of [Holly’s] publishing. At the same time, he’s promoting Buddy’s music. We were gonna do it with all Nashville people, but the guy who was going [to] produce was busy at the time. Paul was up in Scotland and he put the backing tracks together and I went up, did a few extra things, and we used that instead of going to Nashville and doing it that way. That’s the way that worked and it was a tribute to Buddy, that’s all. He was the first singer-songwriter.

Denny Laine – From From the Moody Blues to Wings to the Rock Hall: Q&A with Denny Laine | Ideastream Public Media, February 15, 2023
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