Recording "Hope For The Future" at Avatar Studios

Thursday, September 20, 2012 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Hope For The Future (Digital EP) EP.
Avatar Studios, New York, USA

Songs recorded


Hope For The Future

Written by Paul McCartney



Production staff

Giles Martin:
Brian Montgomery:
Recording engineer


Recording of “Hope For The Future” started at Hog Hill Mill. On September 20, 2012, Paul McCartney, his touring band, producer Giles Martin and Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori, composers of the “Destiny” soundtrack, were at Avatar Studios for further recording on the song.

I was aware of the [new studio] album being made [the 2013 album “NEW”] because Paul Epworth is like a friend of mine. He came to see me and said to me Paul McCartney is off to work with him and we had a chat about Paul basically. Paul asked me to work with him on the title track of a video game called “Destiny” which is the biggest release next year. And he sent me the song and asked me to work on it as it’s more filmic, it’s more the stuff that I do, so we did that. I flew over to New York to go and work with him. And it’s one of those things typical Paul, he goes “It would be great if we could spend a day together ’cause I’m right in the middle of something’ and he gave me the name of the studio and I’m thinking ‘That’s in New York’. And he was working with Mark Ronson there and we spent a couple of days working on this track and he said ‘I really enjoyed that’.

Giles Martin, with an interview with Matt Everitt for BBC 6 Music, October 7, 2013

When we were in New York, the guy who was engineering for us, sort of producing that particular session, in New York was Giles Martin, who is George Martin’s son. For about 45 minutes there was a period where he just rift on George in things they tried in the studio and he was going in the mixing console and showing us what they would do and we were just like “Oh my God we’re getting a lesson on like from one of the Beatles right now and how they recorded”. I think he was talking about Revolver, and we were like I didn’t even want to move, I didn’t want to break the moment, I didn’t want to say anything because you just want to let it flow.

Michael Salvatori – from Youtube

Some orchestral and choral overdubs would be added at Abbey Road Studios in late November 2012. Credit details also mentioned some work at AIR Studios (with unknown dates – 2012 or 2013?).
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