“Yellow Submarine” soundtrack sessions

Feb 13, 1967 - Oct 29, 1968 • For The Beatles

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Yellow Submarine (Mono) LP.


The Beatles agreed to deliver four new songs for its soundtrack. These included “Only A Northern Song“, a leftover from the Sgt. Pepper sessions, “All Together Now“, which they started recording on May 12, 1967, “It’s All Too Much“, which they began recording on May 25, 1967, and “Hey Bulldog“, the latest song they had recorded in February 1968.

We had to do some songs that were exclusive to the film. I don’t think we were too keen because we were quite busy recording other things and we probably wanted a bit of time off.

Paul McCartney – From MOJO, October 1999

There was a commitment for The Beatles to do four songs for the film. Apparently, they would say this is a lousy song, let’s give it to Brodax.

Al Brodax – From MOJO, October 1999

Their reaction was, “OK, we’ve got to supply them with these bloody songs but we’re not going to fall over backwards. We’ll let them have them whenever we feel like it, and we’ll give them whatever we think is right.”

George Martin – From MOJO, October 1999
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