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Till There Was You

Written by Meredith Willson

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Live At The BBC

Official live • Released in 1994

2:13 • Radio showL1 • A song from the musical ‘The Music Man’, popularised by Peggy Lee. Australian born broadcaster Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman presented two From Us To You specials and his quirky sense of fun clicked with the Beatles. While Paul picks out a few heroes, John attempts to draw Fluff’s attention to his book ‘In His Own Write’ published a week earlier.

Concert From the concert in London, United Kingdom on Mar 30, 1964


On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 2

Official live • Released in 2013

2:16 • Radio showL6 • Paul was inspired to sing this highlight from The Music Man by Peggy Lee’s UK Top Thirty hit from April 1961. Meredith Willson’s Broadway show had a long run on stage from 1957 and was then adapted for a movie version released in 1962. Having been part of the group’s stage act for two years, "Till There Was You" was released on With The Beatles in November 1963. A later recording made for the radio show From Us To You was included on the first volume of Live At The BBC.

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Concert From the concert in London, United Kingdom on Jul 30, 1963