The End

Written by Lennon - McCartney

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Anthology 3 (2016 remaster)

Official album • Released in 2016

2:51 • OuttakeA2016 • Stereo • No other group has delivered such an apt farewell as the Beatles: except for the brief Her Majesty, thrown into the Abbey Road master tape almost as an afterthought, the last song on the Beatles recorded it, only one of the seven basic track takes of this piece has vocals - the master, Take 7. The version presented here is a new remix, however, embracing numerous elements omitted during the mix sessions for Abbey Road. In particular, there is considerable more guitar, and a further appreciation of the "sparring" section can be gained - from 19 until 55 seconds in, Paul, George and John, in that order, take turns to play two-bars (about four seconds) of the guitar solo. The 30-piece orchestral overdub, taped at tremendous cost considering it lasts less than 20 seconds, also appears more prominently in this new mix.

Paul McCartney :
Backing vocals, Bass, Lead guitar, Piano, Vocals
Ringo Starr :
John Lennon :
Backing vocals, Lead guitar
George Harrison :
Backing vocals, Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar
George Martin :
Geoff Emerick :
Recording engineer
Phil McDonald :
Recording engineer
Unknown musician(s) :
1 bass trombone, 1 double-bass, 1 trombone, 12 violins, 3 trumpets, 4 horns, 4 violas

Session Recording:
Jul 23, 1969
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio Three, Abbey Road

Session Overdubs:
5, 7, 8, 15, 18 Aug 1969
Studio :
EMI Studios, Abbey Road