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Mar 17, 2017

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Disc 1


On Our Way Home

Written by Lennon - McCartney

3:06 • Studio versionE • This song was given to Mortimer by Paul McCartney, and was recorded by The Beatles as "Two Of Us".

Peter Asher :
Barry Sheffield :
Recording engineer
Tom Smith :
Guitar, Vocals
Tony Van Benschoten :
Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Guy Masson :
Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Session Recording:
Late April 1969
Studio :
Trident Studios, London, UK


I Didn't Know

3:38 • Studio version


You Do Too

3:12 • Studio version



4:43 • Studio version


People Who Are Different

5:41 • Studio version


You Don't Say You Love Me

3:03 • Studio version


Miles Apart

3:12 • Studio version


Don't Want To See You Anymore

3:58 • Studio version


No Business Being Here

3:06 • Studio version


In Memory Of Her

3:15 • Studio version


Pick Up Your Heart

4:50 • Studio version


Bonus tracks


Christine Tildsley

3:39 • Studio version


Last Of The "h"

4:22 • Studio version


Laugh Children Laugh

2:46 • Studio version


Ingenue's Theme

2:24 • Studio version


From the press release:

Mortimer were a harmony-laden soft rock trio from New York State who were signed by George Harrison to Apple Records in 1968. They recorded a second album, On Our Way Home, in 1969 – named after the song given to them by Paul McCartney, which The Beatles later recorded as ‘Two Of Us’ – but it was unreleased. Until now! Perfect for any unusual Beatles cover-related needs…….

Digitally remastered and expanded archive release. Mortimer, the harmony soft rock trio from New York State who signed with Apple Records in 1968 on the strength of George Harrison’s say so. The second LP of their career was due for release in the summer of 1969 but was pulled at the last minute due to changes at Apple. The tapes have sat in the vaults ever since. Now RPM is pleased to present for the first time the LP that should have been the release straight after The Iveys LP in the Apple Records catalog. Mastered from the original tapes, the recordings were originally produced by Peter Asher with additional arrangements by Richard Hewson. This release also includes the songs recorded during the sessions but which were not slated for the original LP, including album versions of ‘Christine Tildsley’ and ‘Ingenue’s Theme. ’

New Apple label signing is a three-piece American “acoustic” group, Mortimer, who will have a Paul McCartney song from the next Beatles’ album released before the official LP date. The song is title “On Our Way Home” – and this will be the first time the Beatles have permitted a pre-release single of one of their compositions for some years.

From New Musical Express, June 7, 1969
From New Musical Express, June 7, 1969

Paul’s specially penned new number “On Our Way Home” is to be on the top deck of a single to launch Apple’s American teenage trio Mortimer. The three New York boys – Guy Masson, Tony Van Benschoten and Tom Smith – play acoustic guitars and conga drums. Their Apple single will be issued at the end of this month or early in July. It is being delayed so that it goes into the shops just before the Beatles’ next LP album – which will also carry the Beatles’ own version of “On Our Way Home”

From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°71, June 1969
From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°71, June 1969

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