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A year-by-year navigation through the music of Paul McCartney, from the Quarrymen to the Beatles, from Wings to his solo career.

1609 albums

Discover the music of Paul McCartney by browsing official albums and bootlegs, studio and live recordings.

1668 songs

Discover all the songs written or played by Paul McCartney.


Discover the artists who have influenced or collaborated with Paul McCartney in his 60+ years long career.

2586 concerts

Discover all the tours and concerts played by Paul.


Discover how songs have been created in the studio through the recording sessions.


A selection of interviews by Paul McCartney, or about Paul.


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About this project

When you become a fan of an artist, you want everything: the official albums are soon not enough, and you start looking for rarities, alternate takes, live versions... When it comes to Paul McCartney and a career that spans over fifty years of recording music, this can become the work of a lifetime.

The goal of The Paul McCartney Project is to build the most comprehensive database of music written or recorded by Paul McCartney and bring this database on the web in a way that makes all this information easy to access. We would like this project to be a collaborative one, building a community where each member would enhance the database with his / her specific knowledge or feelings about each album / track / concert.

As fans of McCartney, we hope you will like this project and contribute to it in one way or another. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments and tell us what you think.