Secret gig at The Cavern Club • Thursday, July 26, 2018

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The Cavern Club

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This exclusive show at the Cavern in Liverpool, 19 years after his last concert there, was announced by Paul the day before, when he was interviewed by Jarvis Cocker at LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts):

We are playing at the Echo Arena in December but we also have tomorrow. We have a little secret gig somewhere in Liverpool – I’m not kidding you Jarvis.

Paul McCartney

But the details to get free tickets were only announced on the D-Day, on

Paul McCartney will play at The Cavern today at 2pm. Space is EXTREMELY limited. Tickets will be made available for free from the Echo Arena Box Office from 10am this morning on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are strictly limited to one per-person and photo ID will need to be shown at the Box Office. Lucky fans will be issued with a wristband and a personalised printed ticket.

For entrance into The Cavern you will need photo ID, the wristband and personalised ticket. Tickets are non-transferable and void if transferred. No tickets will be available from The Cavern.

The queue for entrance into The Cavern will open at 12 noon. Doors scheduled to open at 1PM. All times are approximate and subject to change.

No under 16s allowed.

From, July 26, 2018:

[…] Around 250 people crammed into a sweaty Cavern to hear the 28-song set. The set list ranged from classics he performed when the Beatles started out at the Liverpool venue in the early 1960s to songs from his new solo album.

Coming back here is pretty amazing for me,” the 76-year-old told the crowd.

He skirted over the fact that the original Cavern was filled with rubble in 1973 and the venue for Thursday’s show was a more modern live room attached to a replica Cavern that was built nearby. “Imagine this for me – all these years ago when we played the Cavern we didn’t know if we’d have any future,” he said. “But we did OK.” […] Sir Paul greeted the crowd by adapting the lyrics from the song Michelle: “Liverpool! Cavern! These are words that go together well.

After an introductory jam, he launched into “the song that got me in The Beatles” – Eddie Cochrane’s Twenty Flight Rock, which Sir Paul played as his audition for John Lennon in 1957. However, he stopped the song halfway through and showed a rare bad mood when he berated the crowd for filming and taking pictures on their phones. “I think you’ve all been told not to take photos,” he said. “And you’re taking them, and you’re taking them, and I don’t want to get put off, and you’re putting me off.” One fan was ejected for filming during the opening jam, even before Sir Paul had made his plea. […]

After finishing the song, he explained further: “The phone thing – I went to a Prince concert and he really was serious about that, he wouldn’t start, you know. Put ‘em down! You know what I’m saying?“.

The concert was filmed by director Paul Dugdale. It was first broadcast by BBC One on Christmas Day 2020.

From Twitter – Paul is back @cavernliverpool! Excitement levels? #EgyptStation #PaulMcCartney
From Twitter – It was fabulous and brought back loads of beautiful memories and reminded me of where we started @cavernliverpool #PaulMcCartney #EgyptStation
From Twitter – Paul returns to the @cavernliverpool. Thursday 26th July #EgyptStation
From – A packed Cavern Club saw Paul return to the stage. July 2018.
From Twitter – We’re going to see Paul McCartney!! ?
From Instagram – Couple of snaps of uncle P in Liverpool this week. Pic @sonnymccartney #paulmccartney #liverpool
From Instagram – Couple of snaps of uncle P in Liverpool this week. Pic @sonnymccartney #paulmccartney #liverpool
From Twitter – Rusty Anderson : Soundcheck at The Cavern #cavernclub

Last updated on April 5, 2021

The Cavern Club

This was the 282nd concert played at The Cavern Club.

A total of 282 concerts have been played there • 1958Jan 24th1961Feb 9thFeb 21stFeb 28thMar 6thMar 8thMar 10thMar 13thMar 14thMar 15thMar 16thMar 20thMar 21stMar 22ndMar 24thJul 14thJul 14thJul 17thJul 19thJul 19thJul 21stJul 25thJul 25thJul 26thJul 27thJul 31stAug 2ndAug 2ndAug 4thAug 5thAug 8thAug 9thAug 10thAug 11thAug 14thAug 16thAug 18thAug 21stAug 23rdAug 23rdAug 25thAug 28thAug 29thAug 30thSep 1stSep 1stSep 5thSep 6thSep 7thSep 11thSep 13thSep 13thSep 15thSep 19thSep 20thSep 21stSep 25thSep 27thSep 27thSep 29thOct 18thOct 18thOct 20thOct 21stOct 24thOct 25thOct 26thOct 30thNov 1stNov 1stNov 3rdNov 4thNov 7thNov 7thNov 8thNov 9thNov 13thNov 14thNov 15thNov 15thNov 17thNov 18thNov 21stNov 22ndNov 23rdNov 27thNov 29thNov 29thDec 1stDec 2ndDec 5thDec 6thDec 8thDec 11thDec 13thDec 13thDec 15thDec 16thDec 18thDec 19thDec 20thDec 21stDec 23rdDec 27thDec 29thDec 30th1962Jan 3rdJan 3rdJan 5thJan 6thJan 9thJan 10thJan 11thJan 12thJan 15thJan 17thJan 17thJan 19thJan 20thJan 22ndJan 24thJan 24thJan 26thJan 26thJan 30thJan 31stFeb 1stFeb 3rdFeb 5thFeb 7thFeb 7thFeb 9thFeb 9thFeb 13thFeb 14thFeb 15thFeb 17thFeb 19thFeb 21stFeb 21stFeb 23rdFeb 24thFeb 27thFeb 28thMar 1stMar 3rdMar 5thMar 6thMar 9thMar 9thMar 13thMar 14thMar 15thMar 16thMar 20thMar 21stMar 22ndMar 23rdMar 23rdMar 26thMar 28thMar 28thMar 30thMar 30thApr 2ndApr 4thApr 4thApr 5thApr 6thApr 7thJun 9thJun 12thJun 12thJun 13thJun 13thJun 15thJun 15thJun 16thJun 19thJun 19thJun 20thJun 20thJun 22ndJun 22ndJun 25thJun 27thJun 27thJun 29thJul 1stJul 3rdJul 4thJul 8thJul 10thJul 11thJul 12thJul 15thJul 16thJul 18thJul 18thJul 20thJul 22ndJul 24thJul 25thJul 25thJul 28thJul 30thAug 1stAug 1stAug 5thAug 7thAug 7thAug 9thAug 12thAug 13thAug 15thAug 15thAug 19thAug 22ndAug 22ndAug 24thAug 26thAug 27thAug 28thAug 30thSep 2ndSep 3rdSep 5thSep 6thSep 9thSep 10thSep 12thSep 13thSep 16thSep 17thSep 19thSep 20thSep 23rdSep 26thSep 26thSep 28thSep 30thOct 2ndOct 3rdOct 4thOct 7thOct 10thOct 10thOct 12thOct 13thOct 17thOct 17thOct 19thOct 21stOct 26thNov 18thNov 19thNov 21stNov 21stNov 25thNov 28thNov 30thDec 5thDec 5thDec 7thDec 9thDec 10thDec 12thDec 12thDec 16th1963Jan 11thJan 17thJan 20thJan 23rdJan 30thJan 31stFeb 3rdFeb 4thFeb 19thApr 12thAug 3rd1999Dec 14th2018Jul 26th

Setlist for the concert


Band Jam






Love Me Do

Written by Lennon - McCartney




Written by Lennon - McCartney


Get Back

Written by Lennon - McCartney



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