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Monday, June 7, 2010

Announcing The Paul McCartney Project

Last updated on October 17, 2022

When you become fan of an artist, you want everything: the official albums are soon not enough, and you start looking for rarities, alternate takes, live versions… When it comes to Paul McCartney and a career that spans over fifty years of recording music, this can become the work of a life.

Some have already tried. I’m thinking about Chip Madinger and Mark Easter who wrote the amazing book “Eight Arms To Hold You – the Solo Beatles Compendium“, that comes with the following tagline:

Over thirty years in the making… over twenty years of research… over two years of writing

Unfortunately, the book, published in 2000, doesn’t cover the last decade.

There is also some wonderful ressources on the web, on dedicated sites (i.e: the MaccaBlog and BootlegZone forums) or on personal pages. But, all this collective knowledge doesn’t take benefits of the latest in technology: the information is scattered in various places, and is therefore difficult to discover or browse.

The goal of The Paul McCartney Project is to build the most comprehensive database of music written or recorded by Paul McCartney and bring this database on the web in a way that makes all this information easy to access. I would like this project to be a collective one, building a community where each member would enhance the database with his/her specific knowledge or feelings about each album / track.

This is of course highly ambitious, and the version 1 of this project I’m presenting to you at this point is very light. The database is currently filled with most of the official solo albums of McCartney and a few unofficial recordings. My ambition in the coming weeks and months is to improve the structure of the site before filling up more information. Set the basics right 🙂

For now, you can:

As a fan of McCartney, I hope you will like this project and contribute to it in one way or another 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to leave comments to tell me what you think about the idea and how you would like it to go forward.

Paul McCartney writing

Talk more talk, chat more chat

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Jo • 14 years ago

Where the hell is Brian Ray in the list with artists??????

admin • 14 years ago

Hey Jo, as you may have guessed, the database is still very light ; and I miss many songs, artists, albums... Consider this is a work in progress that will only get better over time :)

terry gundill • 14 years ago

not able to sign up - am I missing something.

Would like to help with your quest.

admin • 14 years ago

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your message, and for letting me know that the Sign Up form is not working anymore :( Will need to spend some time on it pretty soon :(

For now, there aren't many tools to let you edit content yourself, but I'm working on them... Let me know how you want to help!



terry • 14 years ago

No hurry - can wait.

Lifelong beatles and McCartney fan.

Seen McCartney on every uk tour since 1972.

Already have lists of bootlegs, demos, outakes etc.

You are probably aware of other sites:





amongst many others that have many lists and other info.

admin • 14 years ago

Thanks for those links - I didn't know the first ones.

I also have the "Eight arms to hold you" book that is properly amazing! Now I need to make sense of all those informations to build a compelling site :)


Ray • 9 years ago

The proper way to credit the name is Lennon McCartney, not the other way around. So this project is a fraud.

admin • 9 years ago

That's a fair comment, Ray. Something I have to change (this site & project remains a work in progress), even if McCartney has some late concerns about this credit trademark:

However, in some instances, McCartney regretted that the alternating songwriting credit didn't occur, especially on "Yesterday," a Help! song "which John actually had nothing to do with, none of the other Beatles had anything to do with – I wrote it on my own, sang it on my own, they're not on the record, nobody is even involved with it, and they didn't mind that and I didn't mind, nobody minded, but that's very much mine," McCartney said. "The original artwork had 'Yesterday' by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and a photo of John above it. And I went, 'Argh, Come on, lads.' Anyway they wouldn't do it," he added regarding the "McCartney/Lennon" credit.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/paul-mccartney-talks-nixed-mccartney-lennon-songwriting-credit-20150705#ixzz3kqRaTxbs

Stewart MacDonald • 8 years ago

Just come across this site, well done - it's a hell of a task you have taken on. On the Lennon/McCartney issue, I think you have to go with whatever the current official line is, even though we all know it annoys Paul. If we start jiggling the order around, somebody is going to say we're wrong and you have developed a good looking and informative site which needs to be credible. We know Paul is a genius, although sometimes I think that he doesn't believe it himself and constantly needs reassurance. Let it be, Paul. You have nothing to prove, and the order in which the credits appear will not change a thing.

admin • 8 years ago

Thank you for the nice & wise comment, Stewart. I have indeed made the change to follow the official line.

Anthony • 8 years ago

Love this site--amazing resource! Just a bug I've noticed; when trying to sort songs with the filters, if I click to go onto the next page, it goes to page 2 of the full list, so I can only view the first 50 results with the filters. Would be a huge help if this could be fixed! Thanks.

admin • 8 years ago

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for noticing - the bug is now fixed !



Ramon Dorenbos • 8 years ago

Compliments Nicolas for your website. Nice!


team Maccazine


admin • 8 years ago

Many thanks for the kind message, Ramon !

Steve Barnes • 8 years ago


Great work. Would you be interested in photos I took of the June 14, 1976 Wings concert in SF?

Here is an example... https://www.dropbox.com/s/vi7ryjxr5z4due6/PICT0016.jpg?dl=0


admin • 8 years ago

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your proposal. Yes, I would be grateful ! Pls tell me how to credit you !

All the best,


Alex • 8 years ago

If this is a project dedicated to McCartney, why does it list songs written exclusively by John Lennon (say, Across the Universe) and George Harrison (All Things Must Pass)? Surely even McCartney, who's not adverse to shrewdly dropping hints as to his influence in the composition of songs known to be completely independently written by other members of the band, cannot claim to have written the entire Beatles catalogue. There were four Beatles, not one.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 8 years ago

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your message.

The project is about the musical contributions of Paul McCartney, not solely the songs he has written. For instance, McCartney played "All Things Must Pass" live during his 2004 tour, as a tribute to George. To the same spirit, "Across the Universe" is a Lennon song on which McCartney plays acoustic guitar and contributes some vocals.

Where the line may be crossed is on "She Said She Said", written by Lennon and on which McCartney doesn't play at all - we made sure that it is mentioned as such in the song details.

I hope it clarifies the intent of the project ; in any case, there isn't any temptation to rewrite history with a MCartney bias ; no need to :)

All the best

Chris Palladino • 6 years ago

Great job with the project. I too have spent many years and a small fortune tracking down this material. The guest appearances do not get enough notice!

The PaulMcCartney Project • 6 years ago

Thanks Chris for the kind comment - I confirm such works represent a lot of time, and a lot of money, but also a lot of passion !!! Good idea regarding the guest appearances not being visible enough. Generally speaking, the website lacks some entry points ; as it stands now, you get too deep in the details too soon, and you lose yourself. In the todo list along with a lot of other things to do!!

Michael • 6 years ago

Can't begin to say how much this site has helped me in adding to my McCartney collection and knowledge. The best site I have found, though there are other good ones out there. As Paul continues to get older (as we all do) and the amount of work and appearances slow down I am sure it will be less interesting for you to keep everything updated. Or perhaps you will just have more time to improve it all. Anyway keep up the good work. Much appreciated.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 6 years ago

Thanks Michael for the kind words ! There is so much to be added to this site ! While I'm not actively on it at the moment, I'm pretty sure this can keep me occupied till my old days !! There are two main areas that interest me in this project : gathering as much data about the music from Sir Paul, but also finding new ways to organize those data. So much to do!

gaston horischnik • 6 years ago

Hi! What's going on with this project? Is it still alive?

Any way, thaks a lot!

The PaulMcCartney Project • 6 years ago

Hi Gaston,

this project is still alive - even if the pace of updates has slightly decreased this year, compared to 2017.

Among the latest additions though are what we know so far about the new album Egypt Station - https://www.the-paulmccartney-project.com/album/egypt-station/ - and revisiting the Flaming Pie pages - see https://www.the-paulmccartney-project.com/latest-updates/ for the latest updates.

Thanks for the kind words.

Alex • 6 years ago

Hey mate ;)

This page is amazing! I really love it! If you needed some help with it, I'd love to help you! :D

The PaulMcCartney Project • 6 years ago

Thanks Alex for the kind words ! The site is still full of holes, so if you see pages that lack content and want to submit content, I would be really grateful ! Thanks a lot !

Clive Whichelow • 5 years ago

One other pseudonym Paul used was Apollo C Vermouth when he produced the Bonzo Dog Band's single I'm the Urban Spaceman

The PaulMcCartney Project • 5 years ago

Thanks Clive !! Will add this up !

Joe Stewart • 5 years ago

Amazing job on the website, thank you.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 5 years ago

Thank you Joe !

Fernando • 4 years ago

Amazing site. A lot of work.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 4 years ago

Thanks Fernando !

Rod Fraser • 4 years ago

Enjoyed reading up on Flaming Pie. Looking forward to checking out more on this site. Was not a fan of McCartney (but was a Beatles fan) until I saw Wings in Seattle in 1976. Been a huge fan ever since.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 4 years ago

Thanks for the kind words @rod.

On this month, this site is 10 years old. And funnily, the first album I had added to it was "Flaming Pie". And those days, I'm re-working and adding a lot of content to the "Flaming Pie" pages (more to come in the coming days). The circle is closed !

Germana • 4 years ago

Just one of my favourite sites. It's brilliant and a dream for fans. Thank you very much for such a wonderful project.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 4 years ago

Thanks Germana ! Always pleasant to read such great feedback !! :)

Babis Nikolatos • 4 years ago

Respect to this huge work!!!

Congratulations, this is an amazing web site!!!

Greetings from Athens-Greece

The PaulMcCartney Project • 4 years ago

thank you for your kind words, Babis !!

Simon Paul Carrington • 3 years ago

Myself as a late teenager, I met Paul Mc Cartney, George, John & Ringo at a lockin , in a London pub in the Park in 1968 or 69, a hazy reccolection now, I had just finished working at Drury Lane theatre Royfal on 'Mame' starring the lovely person entertainer Ginger Rogers , 70 year of age then- she told me 'her dance routines partner, Fred ,was a slave driver'.Afterwards I walked home 'The boy's' and I had a good evening, the next day they were about to do a recording session at Abbey Rd.

Nice to hear that you are back in blighty/EU Simon, much news to catch up on, since my contacting you at Yale Uni, One has been through a health time-warp for a decade but recovered and ok now.

I too am a Simon Carrington and also am a musician and what is even more coincidental, is that Simon and I shared the same school as well as the same names!, with Simon's father Robert (my own dad's name) being my old headmaster at Lindisfarne College Ruabon North Wales 1962-65..(my last email recalled how Simon and I exchanged socks odd times at the school, our hosiery having duplicate name tags! Simon was just staying at our school during his holliday time, staying with his folks.) I know it takes some crediting, but its absolutely as true as I'm stood sat here .

Good luck with the PM project Simon, I too have allways been a fan of Paul's ,Magic.

Jade Lake • 3 years ago

The one thing is Paul McCartney died in 1968 in a bad car crash he never survived it leaving his first wife and daughter alone, so as not to split the Beatles up a person who looked like Paul. Underwent facial surgery to look like the Original Paul, who you see today IS NOT PAUL McCARTNEY - - he is a look-alike his first name is Harry I cannot remember his surname Jon, George and Ringo found it very hard to accept Harry into the group but put up with it for a while then decided to go their own ways.

This may shock people but it is the truth and one day it will all come out..

The PaulMcCartney Project • 3 years ago

@jade We are lucky to have had a fake Paul who has been so good, productive and successful at writing new music since then ;)

Steve • 3 years ago

Wow. I can't believe this site has been around for 10 years and I'm just discovering it now. Absolutely amazing work. I didn't really discover the Beatles until 1979 at age 12, though I knew of them before that. John Lennon was always my favorite but in recent years I've come to realize that Paul McCartney is a musical genius. I think sometimes he doesn't come off so well in interviews but I get it now. He truly was the driving force behind the Beatles. Without him they were just an ordinary band.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 3 years ago

@Steve, thanks for the kind words !!!

Steve • 3 years ago

I've abandoned my family over the past few days since I discovered this site. I found it when I googled "Put it there" because I curious about the inspiration for the song. Since then I've been going through other songs to see what the meaning behind the words is. I have to believe the songs mean more than they let off in interviews. I'm thinking its probably not worth it for them to try to explain because they open themselves to criticism, so they downplay it.

Norman Scott • 3 years ago

Yes a very ambitious project to be sure (and I am sure a very difficult one). I grew up with the Beatles, and especially admire Paul! A true English Gentleman if there ever was one. (Not to mention one of the most prolific songwriters of all time). A very talented individual that only comes along in once very very long time. What strikes me about him is how well he handles the huge pressure of being one of the worlds most sought after celebrities. For all his fame (and fortune), he seems so down to earth whenever he is interviewed, so at ease it would be like talking to your best friend. His music (and the man) stands the test of time! Did you ever notice how the crowd reacts (even alot of today's kid) Perk up and start singing and dancing to say for instance "I saw her Standing there"!! One of the most precious moments in my book is when he played and open air concert in Red Square Russia! Playing "Back in the USSR" to Rocking and Bopping Moscovites (including Valimir Putin) some of whom were not even born when this music was first played. To see the young Moscow girls ,( indeed everyone) reaction when he sings "Moscow girls make me sing and shout they leave the West behind" !!!! Most of whom haven't a clue what he's singing about but pick up on the word Moscow and girls!! If that isn't universal appeal I don't know what is. Awesome example for world peace through the universal appeal of Music (especially old time rock and roll) even in Russia!! Keep on Rocking Paul. Good Luck with your project.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 3 years ago

Thank you very much for your kind words, Norman ! And I wholeheartedly agree with your words ! Thanks !

Martin • 2 years ago

I want to compliment you on this beautiful site. I wonder... Why are the McGear album of brother Mike and Holly Days from Denny Laine not inclusief. Paul plays most of the instruments on both albums.

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Thanks for the kind words, Martin !

The two albums you mention are there, but not detailed (yet) :



andycason cason • 2 years ago

dear paul mccartney happpy 80th birthday paul mcccartney iwent toooseeejay geopppner and backdated dated at taste of des planes and heewillbeeeplaying at frontier days festval and caranaval in arlington heights your friend andy

Ken Bart Travers • 2 years ago

Dear Admin,

My sister Vera Travers lived in a flat in Princess Avenue Liverpool 8 and Mike McGear/McCartney lived in the flat above.

My sister and her flat mates were all nurses at Liverpool and when they had a party, Mike and the scaffold used to come down and join in.

Mike also attended my sisters 21st birthday 18th July 1963.

She now lives in Dover and celebrates her 80th birthday in July.

I wonder if he remembers her?

Ken Travers

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Hi Ken, what an interesting family story. Mike McCartney is really active on Twitter - you should drop him a message, I'm pretty sure he would answer you. Best.

Maya • 2 years ago

Here’s a video from CBS News Sunday Morning’s facebook: https://fb.watch/dSkgW7OCtY/ . It shows footage that wasn’t shown in the final cut of the interview, transcribed here: https://www.the-paulmccartney-project.com/interview/paul-mccartney-on-cbs-sunday-morning/ . Should it be added?

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Thanks Maya ! Will add it !

Ed • 2 years ago

HI. Your website is great. Are you interested in Paul contributions that aren't listed?

Here's one. I'm sure I'll find more from time to time.


The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Thanks Ed, WOW, I didn't know that, thanks a lot !!

John Henderson • 2 years ago

Nice comment, but nothing about "Timon" (aka "Tymon Dogg") who recorded for Apple wit Paul, George and James Taylor, then swiped the tapes when he felt they were trying to turn him into a teen idol? He also recorded with a pre-Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, did a classic pop-psych 7" for Pye ("The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane"), taught Joe Strummer how to play guitar (then guested on Clash records - one with his own song - and later joined Joe's band, The Mescaleros.) My label is reissuing everything he ever did, much of which was never released originally,

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Hi John, thanks for that, this is new to me - will do some research on Timon ! Thks

Tom Liverani • 2 years ago

Awesome web-site...keep up the great work!!

I recently wrote a book titled "Welcome to Sound Check..." that personally covers ten Paul McCartney sound checks from his 2010 "Up and Coming" tour through his recently completed "GOT BACK" tour in 2022.

Here is a preview: https://www.blurb.com/books/11212512-welcome-to-sound-check

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Thanks for the kind words, Tom. I didn't know your book, will read it - thanks for sharing !

Tom Liverani • 2 years ago

Awesome...please let me know what you think.

George • 2 years ago

Amazing website, thank you. I think the link to Eight Arms To Hold You at the top of the page may be incorrect / broken, and should go to https://lennonology.com/order/

thepaulmccartneyproject • 2 years ago

Thanks for the kind words George - will fix this !

JOHN BORDONERO • 2 years ago

God bless you all

andrew cason • 2 years ago

dear paul mccccartney if you like music you should come and seeemusic in wheeling at ps pub in wheeeling your friend andy

John Gallagher • 2 years ago

If there is a way to add me to your subscriber list, please do


John Gallagher

The PaulMcCartney Project • 2 years ago

Hi John, unfortunately, there is no subscriber list. I don't do emailing. But that might be something I consider for next year. Thanks for suggestion.

JOHN BORDONERO • 2 years ago

Have a good bew year . Gid bless Paul and family and you all in Jesus's name

The PaulMcCartney Project • 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words John ! Happy new year as well !

Steve • 1 year ago

Hi and thanks for this project. I discovered it while googling the song “You Tell Me”. I’d love to see a “recent posts” part of the site. Is there one? Anyway, thanks again.

Patrick • 1 year ago

Allo tout l'monde ! :)

1. On Ringo's new EP ''Rewind Forward'' (2023)

- Track #2 ''Feeling the Sunlight'': in addition to writing the song, Paul contributed: back-vocal, guitars, bass, keyboards and zither.

2. On By Nitin Sawhney's ''London Undersound''

- Paul also appears on track 4 ''Interlude I - Ghost Image'': spoken voice

(only Paul is heard, over some background noise... street, cars ?)

He talks about paparazzis and ties it in with what people had told him in Africa (Lagos ''Band on the run'' sessions ?), that some there believe that, when someone takes their picture, they also steal your soul.

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