Liverpool • Friday, December 8, 1961 • Lunchtime

ConcertBy The Beatles • Part of the 1961 Liverpool Area Concerts
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The Cavern Club

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From Savage Young Beatles website – Photo by Dick Mathews
From Savage Young Beatles website – Photo by Dick Mathews
From The Daily Beatle, October 6, 2020 – Half a hitherto unseen photo was recently published in a John Lennon group on Facebook. It is a photo from December 8, 1961 and shows The Beatles (well, actually just John and Pete) backing singer David, or Davey Jones at the Cavern Club. This is likely just a rehearsal session for the evening’s gig, because in all the other photos from this session with Jones, Paul is sitting down while playing his bass guitar. In this photo though, the chair is vacant and he has left the Höfner lying on top of it. So perhaps he’s just gone off to the gent’s? Still, the gig is identified as a lunchtime session, so it may be an actual concert for the area’s work force.
From The Beatles Pete Best Autographed Cavern Club Photograph 1961/1962 (UK) | eBay
From The Beatles Pete Best Autographed Cavern Club Photograph 1961/1962 (UK) | eBay – A vintage black and white photograph of The Beatles that was taken in the Cavern Club, Liverpool, England on 8th December 1961. The photo was taken by Dick Matthews for the Mersey Beat newspaper and has been autographed on the reverse by The Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison have signed in blue ink. Pete Best has signed in black ballpoint pen. John, Paul and George have all added the inscription ‘love from’ before their respective signatures, Pete has added the inscription ‘Lots of Love from’ above his name. John has added ‘x’ below his name. Paul has added ‘xxx’ below his name. George has added ‘xxxxx’ below his name. Pete has added ‘xxx’ below his name. The signatures date to early 1962. The photograph is printed on vintage Agfa photographic paper. It comes with a letter from the son of the original recipient that reads as follows: ‘My Uncle, Mike Cummins was lead guitarist with a band called Lee Curtis And The Allstars and he regularly gigged at the Cavern, later travelling to Germany playing at the Red Star Club, he knew all of the Beatles in the early days as they all played the Cavern at the same time. I believe he obtained the signed promo card for my mum, that was obviously prior to Ringo joining the band’. The photograph measures 13.9cm x 8.75cm (5.5 inches x 3.5 inches). The condition is very good minus.

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The Cavern Club

This was the 93rd concert played at The Cavern Club.

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