The Beatles

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We were more than the sum of the parts. Just something clicked you know, it was just a great chemistry, (…) you imagine that chemistry would be difficult to find. A John, a Paul, a George and a Ringo, you know. We were just lucky to run into each other

Paul McCartney
From Facebook – Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

Last updated on September 1, 2019


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Sharron Provasi 3 years ago

Exploring art and music of the Beatles and it has been really a great fun thing to remember and now I want to go find a old CD I have of ABBY ROAD to play all day…bringing back those times we had hearing their music. I still enjoy and will always….this music has influenced our .life and I have a painting framed I bought at a f.ea market in Santa Monica… used by Capitol records on cover on …I want to Hold your Hand…interesting…with no cigerette in MaCarthneys hand on canvas in blue colors…. I will cherish it forever.

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