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Wednesday, June 27, 1962

Liverpool • Lunchtime

Concert • By The Beatles • Part of the 1962 Liverpool Area Concerts


  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Liverpool
  • Location: The Cavern Club


  • Location: The Cavern Club


From Wikipedia:

The Cavern Club at 10 Mathew Street, in Liverpool was the venue where the Beatles’ UK popularity started. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best were first seen by Brian Epstein at the club. Epstein eventually became their manager, going on to secure them a record contract. Best was replaced by Ringo Starr on 16 August 1962, which upset many Beatles fans. After taunts of, “Pete forever, Ringo never!”, one agitated fan headbutted Harrison in the club.

The Cavern Club was the third club managed by Alan Sytner, which originally opened as a jazz-only club on 16 January 1957, being styled after the Paris venue, Le Caveau. The Quarrymen made their first appearance at the club on 7 August 1957, but by 9 February 1961, when the group first performed there under their new name of the Beatles, the club was under the ownership of Ray McFall. The Cavern Club gradually became synonymous with the emerging Merseybeat music genre, rapidly becoming the most famous club in Britain. According to the club’s resident DJ, Bob Wooler, the Beatles made 292 appearances at the club between 1961 and 1963, culminating in a final appearance at the venue on 3 August 1963—one month after the group recorded “She Loves You”, and six months before their first trip to the United States.

The club changed hands several more times before eventually being demolished to allow construction of an underground railway ventilation duct, before being used as a car park. A replica of the club was built on “75 per cent of the original site” in 1984, built with 15,000 bricks retrieved from the original club site. On 16 January 1997, a sculpture of Lennon was unveiled outside The New Cavern Club, and on 14 December 1999, McCartney performed there, playing his last concert of the 20th century and publicising his album, Run Devil Run. […]

According to DJ Wooler, over the course of a two-and-a-half-year period which began when they first played at the venue in February 1961, the Beatles made a total of 292 appearances at the club, although author Barry Miles, in his book The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Beatles Years states that it was 275 times. Their final performance at the club was on 3 August 1963. During their time at the club, the Beatles also had residencies in Hamburg.

The Cavern Club

This was the 186th concert played at The Cavern Club.

A total of 282 concerts have been played there • 1958Jan 24th1961Feb 9th (Lunchtime)Feb 21st (Lunchtime)Feb 28th (Lunchtime)Mar 6th (Lunchtime)Mar 8th (Lunchtime)Mar 10th (Lunchtime)Mar 13th (Lunchtime)Mar 14th (Lunchtime)Mar 15th (Lunchtime)Mar 16thMar 20th (Lunchtime)Mar 21st (Evening)Mar 22nd (Lunchtime)Mar 24th (Lunchtime)Jul 14th (Lunchtime)Jul 14th (Evening)Jul 17th (Lunchtime)Jul 19th (Evening)Jul 19th (Lunchtime)Jul 21st (Lunchtime)Jul 25th (Lunchtime)Jul 25th (Evening)Jul 26th (Evening)Jul 27th (Lunchtime)Jul 31st (Lunchtime)Aug 2nd (Evening)Aug 2nd (Lunchtime)Aug 4th (Lunchtime)Aug 5th (Evening)Aug 8th (Lunchtime)Aug 9th (Evening)Aug 10th (Lunchtime)Aug 11th (Evening)Aug 14th (Lunchtime)Aug 16th (Evening)Aug 18th (Lunchtime)Aug 21st (Lunchtime)Aug 23rd (Lunchtime)Aug 23rd (Evening)Aug 25th (Lunchtime)Aug 28th (Lunchtime)Aug 29th (Lunchtime)Aug 30th (Evening)Sep 1st (Lunchtime)Sep 1st (Evening)Sep 5th (Lunchtime)Sep 6th (Evening)Sep 7th (Lunchtime)Sep 11th (Lunchtime)Sep 13th 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