Albums Paul McCartney contributed to, released in 1961

My Bonnie

By Tony Sheridan • 7" Single

Concerts, TV & radio shows

London • Blue Gardenia Club • United Kingdom

Dec 10, 1961 • United Kingdom • London • Blue Gardenia Club

Aldershot • Palais Ballroom • United Kingdom

Dec 09, 1961 • United Kingdom • Aldershot • Palais Ballroom

1961 Top Ten Club concerts

Shows: 92 • Countries: 1

1961 Liverpool Area Concerts

Shows: 257 • Countries: 1


Recording (Studio Rahlstedt)

June 24th, 1961 • Songs recorded during this session appear on Anthology 1

First Beatles recording sessions with Tony Sheridan

June 22nd-23rd 1961 • Songs recorded during this session appear on My Bonnie

Songs written in 1961

Nobody I Know

Officially appears on Nobody I Know


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