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Opera star Jerry Hadley, best known to McCartney fans for his performance in the Liverpool Oratorio, died today in Poughkeepsie, New York. Mr. Hadley had been been on life support at a Poughkeepsie hospital since July 10, when he shot himself in the head with an air rifle, causing severe brain damage. In recent years Mr. Hadley suffered clinical depression, family problems, and bankruptcy. The 55-year-old Illinois native earned world acclaim for his performances at Milan’s La Scala, the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, and the Deutsche Oper in Berlin. The renowned opera star was also a great fan of rock ‘n’ roll. A high point in his career was not only working with Sir Paul on the recording and performance of the Liverpool Oratorio. He also enjoyed some private jam sessions with Sir Paul in the McCartney home on Elvis Presley’s own guitar. Now his beautiful voice has been silenced. He will be missed.

Last updated on September 30, 2020

Albums, EPs & singles which Jerry Hadley contributed to

Liverpool Oratorio

By Paul McCartney • Official album

Contribution: Tenor • 25 songs

The World You're Coming Into / Tres Conejos

By Kiri Te Kanawa • 7" Single

Contribution: Tenor • 1 songs

Save The Child / The Drinking Song

By Kiri Te Kanawa • 7" Single

Contribution: Tenor • 1 songs

The 7” Singles Box

By Paul McCartney • 7" Single

Contribution: Tenor • 2 songs

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