"I'm In Love Again" session

Thursday, June 19, 2008 • For Klaus Voormann

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the A Sideman's Journey Official album.
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Songs recorded


I'm In Love Again

Written by Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew


Album Officially released on A Sideman's Journey


19 may or 19 june ?

It was in  1962 when I first held a bass guitar in my hands. Stuart Sutcliff’s President Bass in the Top Ten Club in Hamburg.  In the wee hours of the morning some of the musicians preferred   having something else in their arms besides the neck if a guitar. For Stuart it was Astrid’s hips.  „Here, you take this,” Stuart put his bass guitar in my hands.  At that time Paul was still the pianist for the Beatles and he waved to me to come up on stage.  But shy Klaus chose to stay on his chair in front of the stage and played “I’m in Love Again” with the Beatles.

And it was this same old Fats Domino number that Paul and I pulled out of a box of nostalgic songs 46 years later for my first  very own album. That afternoon for a few hours we let the old Top Ten Lists come back to life again.  Paul sat at the piano in his white shirt, vest or waistcoat as he would call it, and jeans, as though he had just come straight from the Liverpool Cavern Club. In a wonderful  mood and looking just great. I sat beside him, a bit nervous with a President bass model in my hands,  from the same Hoefner series as Stuart’s instrument back then.  My friend Bernhard Paul from the Roncalli Circus had given it to me for my 70th birthday.

It didn’t even take 5 minutes and Paul and I took off! Instead of 2 hours as originally planned we were at it for 5 hours. Paul, as always, the absolute professional, could not be stopped on this Monday in May. He was in high spirits and infected us all. The overdubs  went just like clockwork: Paul on drums, Paul on acoustic guitar, Paul on the E-guitar (….That’s an Epiphone, one of my favourites. We played it on „Taxman” and „Paperback Writer”…) Paul with a toy harmonica out of a gum machine, Paul on the Hammond organ. in between stories and finger-food from Linda’s recipe book. While we were floating through  sounds and memories  and lost all sense of time and place about a hundred sweet little rabbits took over Paul’s garden. „They are safe here” Paul told us explaining the invasion of his hopping friends. „They know we don’t shoot them.” An unforgettable magic day with Paul the Great!

Klaus Voormann – From A Sideman’s Journey – Klaus Voormann

From A Sideman’s Journey – Klaus Voormann
From A Sideman’s Journey – Klaus Voormann
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