Recording "Little Woman Love"

Thursday, January 21, 1971 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Mary Had A Little Lamb / Little Woman Love (UK) 7" Single.
A&R Studios, New York City

Songs recorded


Musicians on "Little Woman Love"

Milt Hinton:
Double bass


The basic track of “Little Woman Love” had been recorded on November 13, 1970. On this day, Paul McCartney returned to it and worked on overdubs. He was joined in the studio by jazz session bassist Milt Hinton (who was in Cab Calloway’s band for fifteen years), who added a standup bass part.

Paul said to me he wanted someone for a slap bass and I suggested Milt Hinton, called The Judge, 65 years old at the time. We were amazed at the energy he had.

Denny Seiwell – Drummer in “Little Woman Love” – From “Paul McCartney Recording Sessions (1969-2013)” by Luca Perasi

Little Woman Love” would remain unreleased till its inclusion on Wings’ second non-album single, in May 1972.

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