Recording "Smile Away", "Heart Of The Country"

Monday, November 16, 1970 • For Paul & Linda McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Ram LP.
CBS Studios, New York City

Songs recorded


Smile Away

Written by Paul McCartney



On this day, work started on “Smile Away” with Denny Seiwell and Hugh McCracken.

With regards to Smile Away, Paul used to do this thing where you smile away with your mouth but your eyes glare like you really hate the guy. That song was a lot of fun to record. Heart Of The Country was interesting. We were approaching another genre of music, so I looked around the studio to find some stuff that I could replace the drum set with. I found a plastic trash can and I hooked my bass drum pedal up to it, so that was bass drum. I taped up my hi-hat cymbals so they just made no noise whatsoever, and for the snare drum part I found a very thin sheet of sheet metal and I laid it down and played brushes on it. The kit was made up of all these weird things that I found around the studio.

Denny Seiwell – From RAM remaster, 2012

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