Recording "The World Tonight"

Nov 13-17, 1995 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Flaming Pie Official album.
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Songs recorded


The World Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney


Album Officially released on Flaming Pie


The World Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

Mixing • Rough mix released on the "Flaming Pie Archive Collection"

Album Officially released on Flaming Pie - Archive Collection


Production staff

Paul McCartney:
Jeff Lynne:
Geoff Emerick:
Jon Jacobs:


The World Tonight” was the second song recorded with Jeff Lynne, for the “Flaming Pie” album. From the album liner notes:

The second song from Paul’s initial session (there were four in all) with Jeff Lynne took what had been an acoustic, folk-tinged demo and imbued it with a progressively heavier treatment.

It’s got a bit of a tougher guitar riff on it. There’s a bit more of my heavier guitar on this album. When Linda and I first met, she’d say, ‘I didn’t know you played heavy guitar like that, I love that.’ But I’ve always done quite a bit of that for myself. So when it came to this album, Linda said, ‘Really play guitar. Don’t just get someone in to play it.’ It’s a little naive my guitar style; it’s not amazingly technical. It’s a bit like Neil Young. In fact, I still haven’t done the guitar as much as she wanted.

Paul McCartney – From Badman, Keith. The Beatles: Off The Record 2 – The Dream is Over: Dream Is Over Vol 2

I think “World Tonight” is pretty Jeff Lynne. I’ve got to give him his head sometimes.

Paul McCartney – from the Flaming Pie Archive Collection, 2020

In the “Flaming Pie Archive Collection“, it is mentioned that the rough mix was mixed on November 3, 1995. This is not possible if “The World Tonight” was recorded starting November 13, as mentioned in the same booklet. We assume the rough mix has been created during the same days as the recording.

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