Recording "Used To Be Bad"

Starting May 05, 1995 • For Paul McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Flaming Pie Official album.
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Songs recorded



If You Wanna

Written by Paul McCartney

Recording • Demo version released in 2020

Album Officially released on Flaming Pie - Archive Collection


Production staff

Paul McCartney:
Geoff Emerick:
Jon Jacobs:


In May 2005, Steve Miller spent two weeks with Paul in Hog Hill Mill. “Used To Be Bad” was one of the songs worked on during those sessions, the result of a jam between Paul & Steve.

He turned up with millions of little blues riffs

Paul McCartney, from the “Flaming Pie – Archive Collection” book, 2020

This was just a jam, really. Steve whacked out these blues riffs, I got on the drums and we just went for it – a duet, sung on one mike. We did the vocal in one take.

Paul McCartney, from the liner notes of “Flaming Pie”

I was trying to get Paul to do some Texas blues and stuff. It’s just me, that’s what I like to play. I threw the rhythm track together, and we just started pulling out blues lines and blues lyrics and just throwing them together — just tossed a bunch of stuff on the table, wrote down a bunch of paragraphs and picked them up, and I’d sing a line, he’d sing a line, I’d sing a line, he’d sing a line and it was done.

Steve Miller, about recording “Used To Be Bad” with Paul McCartney, from the Flaming Pie Archive Collection, 2020

A demo version of “If You Wanna” was also recorded on May 5th. It was released on the 2020 “Flaming Pie Archive Collection“.

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