Wild Life session #4

Thursday, July 29, 1971 • For Wings

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Wild Life LP.
EMI Studios, Abbey Road

Songs recorded


Musicians on "I Am Your Singer"

Brian Blood:
Peter Blood:
Paul Blood:
Jeanne Dolmetsch:
Christine Blood:

Production staff

Tony Clark:
Alan Parsons:
Engineer assistant


From July 24 to July 27, Paul McCartney and his new band Wings spent three days recording the basic tracks of their first album, “Wild Life“. After a few days’ break, they reconvened on this day to continue the recording of the album.

Part of the day was spent working on “I Am Your Singer”, with the participation of members of the Dolmetsch Family.

You knew what you’d get, and you’d get it. We didn’t produce surprises. That must have been Paul’s interest in us again and again — that maturity and approach to music.

Brian Blood

We then wrote it out and reproduced what he played. He knew what we could do because we had done it for Hopkin. He could trust us.

Brian Blood
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