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My Carnival

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Venus And Mars (1993)

Official album • Released in 1993

3:59 • Studio versionA1993 • 1993 remaster

Paul McCartney :
Crowd vocals, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Linda McCartney :
Backing vocals, Crowd vocals, Piano
Denny Laine :
Backing vocals, Bass, Crowd vocals
Jimmy McCulloch :
Crowd vocals, Electric guitar
Joe English :
Crowd vocals, Drums
Tony Dorsey :
Crowd vocals, Trombone
Alan O'Duffy :
Recording engineer
Ken Lexton :
Crowd vocals, Trumpet
George Porter Jr. :
Cow-bell, Crowd vocals
Benny Spellman :
Bass backing vocals, Crowd vocals
Peter Mew :

Session Recording:
May 12, 1975
Studio :
Sea-Saint Recording Studio, New Orleans, USA