Good Morning Good Morning

Written by Lennon - McCartney

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Anthology 2 (2016 remaster)

Official album • Released in 2016

2:40 • OuttakeC2016 • As issued on Sgt. Pepper, the master of Good Morning Good Morning was Take 11, laden with overdubs by way of a succession of "reductions" deriving in Take 8. For almost a month, though, from 16 February to 13 March, that original Take 8 remained untouched, and, because it was complete and included an overdubbed John Lennon lead vocal, it is reasonable to assure that, for much of that time, it was considered to be the master. This is that Take 8, the basic track from 8 February with John's vocal added on the 16th.

George Martin :
Geoff Emerick :
Recording engineer

Session Recording:
Feb 08, 1967
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio Two, Abbey Road

Session Recording:
Feb 16, 1967
Studio :
EMI Studios, Studio Three, Abbey Road