Wings horn section


From Club Sandwich N°17, 1980:

Wings use of the horn section on their various albums and on their World Tour in 1975/76 and the U.K. Tour 1979, evolved from the contact between Paul McCartney and Tony Dorsey in Nashville, back in 1975. Tony was working for Dial Records doing some horn and string arrangements, when Paul came in to do some rehearsing. Later Tony received a call from Paul asking him if he would like to do some arrangements, which they did together, and later Tony received an invitation to work on the “Venus and Mars” album, on which he shares the arrangers’ credits with Paul. Tony knew Thaddeus Richard, Steve Howard Jr., who played 1st trumpet on “Call Me Back Again” was recruited, and Paul added Howie Casey from Liverpool, who had played on “Band on the Run”.
The horn section also worked on “Wings at the Speed of Sound”, “Wings Over America”, and “Back to the Egg”.
They accompanied Wings on their comprehensive World Tour in 1975/76, and have just completed the U.K. tour with them, adding an exciting dimension to Wings stage show.