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Jun 28, 2023 • “Paul McCartney Photographs  1963-64 Eyes of the Storm” photo exhibition

In conjunction with the release of the photography book “1964: Eyes Of The Storm”, the National Portrait Gallery organized a photo exhibition to show some photographs shot by Paul McCartney between December 1963 and February 1964. From National Portrait Gallery (npg.org.uk): An unprecedented exhibition, revealing – for the first time – extraordinary photographs taken by Paul McCartney. ...


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On this day in Paul McCartney history

Session circa April 1960 • Home recordings, aka "The Kirchherr Tape"
Concert Apr 01, 1961 • Germany • Hamburg
Concert Apr 01, 1962 • United Kingdom • Liverpool
Article April 1966 • John Lennon and Paul McCartney sell shares in Lenmac Enterprises
Article April 1966 • John Lennon and Paul McCartney win five BMI Awards each
Article Apr 01, 1966 • John Lennon and Paul McCartney visit Indica Books & Gallery
Session Apr 01, 1967 • Recording and mixing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)"
Article April - May 1969 • The “Get Back” LP rumours – April to May 1969
Article April - May 1969 • The Beatles and ATV fight for the control of Northern Songs
Session Circa April - Early May 1969 • Recording "Charity Bubbles", "Goose"
Session Apr 01, 1970 • Overdubs for "Let It Be" album
Article April 1971 • Paul & Linda McCartney travel back to UK
Article April 1973 • Wings Fun Club newsletter #1 published
Article April 1973 • Wings might tour the U.S.
Article April 1976 • Wings tour dates rescheduled
Article April / May 1977 • Club Sandwich N°2 published
Article April 1979 • Wings film rumored
Session April 1980 • Mixing the 1979 Glasgow show
Session April 1982 • Sessions with Michael Jackson
Single Apr 01, 1982 • "A sample from "Tug Of War"" by Paul McCartney released in the US
Article April 1984 • "Paul McCartney: The Man, His Music, His Movies" TV documentary broadcast in the US
Session April - July 1988 • "Flowers In The Dirt" sessions at Hog Hill Mill
Film April 1989 • Shooting of "My Brave Face" promo film
Concert Apr 01, 1990 • USA • Berkeley
Session Spring 1997 ? • Recording "Flaming Pie" EPK #2
Film April 1997 ? • Shooting of "The World Tonight (version 2)" promo film
Film April 1997 ? • Shooting of "Young Boy (version 2)" promo film
Album Apr 01, 1998 • "Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward" by Various Artists released in the UK
Concert Apr 01, 2002 • USA • Oakland
Concert Apr 01, 2003 • Belgium • Antwerp
Session April 2004 • "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" sessions #2
Session April 2004 • Overdubs for "Riding To Vanity Fair"
Session April 2005 • Chaos And Creation In The Backyard sessions #6
Session April - July 2006 • Memory Almost Full sessions #4
Article April 2010 • Four hours of unreleased McCartney songs leaked online
Session April - May 2011 ? • Recording "Kisses On The Bottom"
Article April 2012 • Paul McCartney joined Non-Violence Project as Peace and Non-Violence Ambassador
Session Early April 2012 • Recording "Cut Me Some Slack"
Session April 2013 • Overdubs & mixing for "NEW"
Article Apr 01, 2015 • 1962 Star Club Hamburg tapes auctioned
Session April 2015 • Rehearsals for "Out There" Japanese leg
Session April - June 2020 ? • Recording "McCartney III"
Session April 2021 • Session with Andrew Watt

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