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On this day in Paul McCartney history

Concert Oct 01, 1960 • Germany • Hamburg
Article October 1962 • The Beatles support The Chants
Article October 1964 • The Beatles' first photo session with Robert Whitaker
Article Late 1966 • The birth of the Magic Piano
Article October 1966 • Paul McCartney buys an Old English Sheepdog
Session Early October 1966 • Recording "Mellow Yellow"
Session Late October 1966 • Recording "From Head To Toe"
Article October 1967 • The Beatles and The Rolling Stones discuss ideas for business ventures
Article Oct 01, 1967 • Filming of “Magical Mystery Tour” • Day 13
Session Circa October / November 1967 • Home recording of "Step Inside Love"
Article Fall 1968 • Apple faces business problems
Session Oct 01, 1968 • Recording and mixing "Honey Pie"
Article Late October 1969 • Paul McCartney receives a cablegram to form supergroup with Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Tony Williams
Article October 1969 • The "Paul Is Dead" conspiracy theory is growing
Album Oct 01, 1969 • "Abbey Road" by The Beatles released in the US
Article October 1-7, 1970 • Paul and Linda McCartney travel to New York to record "RAM"
Article Oct 01, 1971 • Shooting of "Wild Life" cover photograph
Session Oct 01, 1972 • Recording "Hands Of Love"
Session Late 1972 • Recording backing vocals for "Money"
Session October 1973 • "Band On The Run" sessions #2
Article October 1974 • Paul and Linda at the premiere of "That's Entertainment"
Article October 1976 • Paul McCartney revives the "Thrillington" project
Session October 1977 • Overdubs for "Mull Of Kintyre"
Article October 1979 • The Beatles sue the producers of "Beatlemania"
Session October 1979 • Overdubs and mixing "Summer's Day Song"
Session Oct 01, 1981 • Mixing "Get It", "Wanderlust", "Ballroom Dancing", "What's That You're Doing"
Session October 1981 • Overdubs for "Ebony And Ivory"
Article Late 1983 • Filming of the "So Bad" promotional video
Article October 1983 • Paul gives an interview for a British hospital radio station
Session Oct 01, 1984 • Recording "We Got Married"
Session October 1st - December 6th 1985 • "Press To Play" sessions #2
Article October 1987 ? • Filming of the "All The Best!" TV ad
Session October, 1987 • "Wide Prairie" sessions
Session October - November 1987 • "Flowers In The Dirt" session #1 with Trevor Horn & Steve Lipson
Album Oct 01, 1992 • "McCartney (by DCC Compact Classics)" by Paul McCartney released in the US
Concert Oct 01, 1993 • Sweden • Stockholm
Session October 1995 • "The Ballad Of The Skeletons" session
Film October 1997 • Shooting of "Little Willow" promo film
Article October 2002 • Noel Redding publishes a bass method book with an introduction by Paul McCartney
Concert Oct 01, 2002 • USA • Boston
Article Oct 01, 2003 • "The Life and Works of Alfred Bestall, Illustrator of Rupert Bear" book published
Session October 2004 • "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" sessions #4
Concert Oct 01, 2005 • USA • New York
Classical concert Oct 01, 2008 • • Jelgava
Session October 2011 ? • Recording "Kisses On The Bottom"
Session October 2011 ? • Recording "Kisses On The Bottom"
Film Early October 2013 • Shooting of "Queenie Eye" promo film
Concert Oct 01, 2014 • USA • San Antonio
Article Oct 01, 2015 • Paul McCartney contributes to "The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex" children book
Concert Oct 01, 2017 • USA • Detroit
Session Late 2017 ? • Egypt Station sessions at Abbey Road
Album Oct 01, 2020 • "McCartney III (Test pressing)" by Paul McCartney released globally

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