Paul McCartney fined £1 for causing obstruction with his car

Thursday, October 27, 1966
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Bow Street Magistrates' Court, London, UK

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Even the most mundane stories about Paul McCartney or any other Beatle made headlines. On this day, it was reported that Paul was fined £1 in court for causing obstruction with his car.

Paul McCartney fined

Paul McCartney, of the Beatles, was fined £1 at Bow Street, today for causing obstruction with his car.

From Derby Evening Telegraph – October 27, 1966
From Derby Evening Telegraph – October 27, 1966

Beatle Paul £1

Paul McCartney, composer with fellow Beatle, John Lennon on some of the group’s biggest song hits, was at Bow Street, London, today fined £1 for causing obstruction with his car. He pleaded guilty.

McCartney, aged 24, whose address was given on the summons as c.o Nems Enterprises, Stafford Street, London. W., was not in court.

Constable R. Pearce told the court that on July 12 he saw a Morris Cooper saloon parked in Brampton Road. South Kensington. In such a position that traffic was reduced from three lanes to two. He went away to arrange for the vehicle to be removed and when he returned it had gone.

Mr. David Jacobs, solicitor, said Mr. McCartney had been driving home in the early hours of July 12 when the car broke down in Brompton Road. McCartney telephoned a garage and arranged for the car to be taken away before 8 a.m. that day.


The garage assistant went to the wrong address, and it was not until later in the afternoon that the mistake was discovered and the car eventually picked up.

Mr. Jacobs added: “Mr. McCartney asks me to apologise for the inconvenience and explain the special circumstances.” Sir Robert Blundell, the Shief Metropolitan Magistrate. said: “In the circumstances, a fine of £1.”

From Liverpool Echo – October 27, 1966
From Liverpool Echo – October 27, 1966

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