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Thursday, August 24, 1967

Alexis “Magic Alex” Mardas is hired by Apple

Last updated on April 14, 2024

Barry Miles (author of After Many Years): “Even though Alexis Mardas couldn’t sell them the island, he continued to spin his fantasies of scientific inventions, and less than a month after their return to London, he was hired to head Apple Electronics. At a meeting of Apple’s board of directors on August 24, 1967, it was decided to pay Alex a salary of £40 a week, plus 10 percent of the profits made from his inventions, but not less than £3,000 a year. Having previously worked as a TV repairman, he probably earned a maximum of £15 a week. A joint trip with the Beatles in Greece allowed Alex to further ingratiate himself with John Lennon, and although John Dunbar was involved in the management of Apple Electronics in the early stages, Alex would quickly supplant him from further involvement.  

John Dunbar (British artist, co-founder of Indica Gallery): “By that time, Mardas had fully embraced John’s trust and took over Apple’s recording business. Alex got money from them and opened a workshop to build a studio for them.”  

PAUL: After some discussion, we decided to start Apple Electronics just to see if they could do anything to do some research into all of this. We didn’t really put any effort in that direction, like a large electronics company would, we didn’t push it, but we had an impact and invested a lot in development. We would often get together and develop different theories for a long time, often after midnight, and Alex would always come up with the biggest ideas. He came up with the idea of using speakers instead of wallpaper – just placing them all over the surface of the wall. Now such things can be found, technology has already appeared, and then it is unlikely that something like this existed. It was only written about in scientific journals, which we didn’t read, but Alex did. He was a nice guy who knew how to captivate everyone. Alex became the head of Apple’s electronics department because we figured if he could make walls out of speakers, that would be great. But he never tackled them.”

Источник: https://beatles-chronology.ru/1967/08/24/lekciya-makharishi-v-londonskom-otele-kh/
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