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Saturday, November 18, 1967

The Beatles win at the Record Mirror Popularity Poll

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In 1967, the music magazine Record Mirror conducted a poll asking its readers to vote for their favourite and least favourite stars and songs. The Beatles came out on top in the categories of “Songwriters or team” and “British male group.” Their song “All You Need Is Love” was ranked second in both “Most liked disc” and “Most disliked disc” categories.

AND still the results come pouring in. No change in the top three in the best-dressed division — Elvis fans, presumably, support the King for the clobber he wears in his films, or possibly at his wedding! Seriously though… what happened to Mick Jagger? In three years, he’s gone from third to seventh to nowhere. Jimi Hendrix, on the one hand, and John Walker on the other, are the fastest-rising sartorial gentry. Paul McCartney, however, should apparently consult his tailor!


No doubting that Lennon and McCartney simply HAD to win the songwriting contest. A new section, this — and one that caused a lot of interest. And talk about inconsistency: the most liked, and the most disliked sections! Records appear in both. For example: “All You Need Is Love’’ is both the second most disliked AND the second most liked! Sort that little lot and send your views to me…

We included a “mixed vocal group’’ section at your request; and Mamas and Papas, whatever their future together may be, cakewalked it. A surprise here was the fourth place rating of Episode Six, five boys and a girl, who have not yet had a hit record; and possibly Jefferson Airplane, the America West Coast outfit featuring Grace Slick, who have also yet to click here. But see what a topical hit record can do for outfits like Gladys and the Pips and the Mann Singers!

Hail to thee, James Savile. There’s been more upheaval in the disc-jockey world than in any other part of pop during these past ten months. Jim, with less radio exposure than the others, remains at the top of the heap, but Simon Dee nipped up to come near at the finishing post. Tony Blackburn is the big new success, though, compared with last year’s results And he’s still gaining fans by the thousand…

Several things emerge from the British vocal group section. One: the Beatles actually increased their vote at the top, though only by a handful. Two: the Small Faces have apparently slipped. Three: there’s cause for congratulations to both the Tremeloes and to the marvellous Alan Price Set. About the Troggs: Seventh last year, they’re not in the Twenty this time. But what would have happened if their current hit had been out a couple of months earlier?


Seven groups are actually out: Troggs, Cliff Bennett, Yardbirds, Mindbenders, Georgie Fame, Animals, Spencer Davis. I’m surprised about some of them—to say the least!

Down now to the top TV or radio show department. “Top Of The Pops” again, heading a list that sympathetically includes a whole roster of “pirate” shows. The departure of “Ready Steady Go’’ was a pity… and the paucity of telly-pop shows through in the ratings here.

From Record Mirror – November 18, 1967
From Record Mirror – November 18, 1967

From Record Mirror – November 18, 1967

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