Paul McCartney celebrates his 26th birthday

Tuesday, June 18, 1968
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Apple, 95 Wigmore Street, London, UK

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On this day, Paul McCartney was 26. There are different versions of how he spent this day.

According to “That Magic Feeling: 2 (The Beatles’ Recorded Legacy)” by John C Winn, Paul along with John Lennon and Ringo Starr attended a press reception for Apple Publishing artists Grapefruit, at the Hanover Banqueting Rooms.

According to

With George Harrison and Ringo Starr flying back from America, and John Lennon preparing for the première of the In His Own Write stage play, Paul McCartney spent his 26th birthday without the other Beatles at the Apple offices in London.

At the time, Apple was situated at 95 Wigmore Street, London. McCartney invited several fans – the legendary Apple Scruffs – inside the building to join him for lunch.

In the evening, while the other Beatles were at the Old Vic watching In His Own Write, McCartney attended the opening of another play starring his fiancée Jane Asher.

According to “You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles” by Peter Doggett:

In mid-June 1968, [Paul McCartney] flew to Colorado, where Asher was working, and spent his 26th birthday in her company. Two days later he was in Los Angeles on Apple business, where he was joined by Linda Eastman. Back in London he renewed his liaison with [Francie] Schwartz, making no effort to conceal her when Asher returned home.

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Paul Abbott 2 years ago

According to a brief mention in the Daily Mail of 19th June 1968, the previous evening (Paul's birthday) John had attended the theatre with Yoko to watch the play of In His Own Write, whilst "Paul McCartney was celebrating his 27th birthday. He had gone to the Oxford Playhouse to see girlfriend Jane Asher open in [the play] Summer." - George and Ringo are mentioned as being in San Francisco

The PaulMcCartney Project 2 years ago

Thanks for this, Paul. Will look at this Daily Mail !

Paul Abbott 2 years ago

I should have appended ‘[sic]’ to the Mail calling him 27 in the article but it is from 1968 so it’s just a confusing mistake on their part.

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