Paul McCartney attends Peter Blake’s 70th birthday party

June 2002 ??

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I’ve met Paul McCartney once, at Peter Blake’s 70th birthday, where he was given the Albert Hall for a party. It was incredible, with all these people from Peter’s life, from Twiggy to Paul McCartney. I said, ‘oh, hello Paul,’ and all he said to me was, ‘Ooooooh.’ But he went round to dad’s quite a lot when dad wasn’t well. He just suddenly turned up. ‘Hi, it’s Paul, do you mind if I come and visit you.’ My dad sat there all his life coating off The Beatles, but when he turned up he was like, ‘I love The Beatles.’ All our lives he’d criticised them, and then Paul comes round and makes a cup of tea, and suddenly it’s, ‘He’s a lovely geezer. British architect of modern music.’ Paul even came to my dad’s funeral.

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