Off The Ground (promo CD2)

By Paul McCartneyCD Single • Part of the collection “Paul McCartney • Singles

US release date:
Apr 19, 1993

Master release

Related sessions

This album has been recorded during the following studio sessions

"Off The Ground" sessions #1

December 1991 - July 1992

Off The Ground sessions #2

September - October 1992

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Disc 1


Off The Ground

Written by Paul McCartney

3:38 • Studio versionA2 • Radio Remix by Keith Cohen

Paul McCartney :
Backing vocals, Drums, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Linda McCartney :
Backing vocals
Robbie McIntosh :
Electric guitar, Percussion
Hamish Stuart :
Backing vocals, Percussion
Paul Wickens :
Backing vocals, Computer programming, Keyboards, Piano, Synth-bass
Julian Mendelsohn :
Bob Kraushaar :
Recording engineer
Keith Cohen :
Additional production and remix
Tom Daugherty :
Additional programming, Assistant engineer
Ulrich Wild :
Assistant engineer

Session Recording:
December 1991 - July 1992
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Session Mixing:
September - October 1992
Studio :
Hog Hill Studio, Rye, UK

Credits & recording details courtesy of Luca Perasi • Buy Paul McCartney: Music Is Ideas. The Stories Behind the Songs (Vol. 1) 1970-1989 on Amazon


From discogs:

Third of four U.S. promo-only CDs (all of which were issued with the same CD paper insert with the number 79670, but each included a unique number on the CD inner hub). Comes with white sticker with black lettering affixed to the jewel case, stating “Remixed especially for radio by Keith Cohen.” 

DPRO-79670 printed on CD and spine. DPRO-79783 printed on Hype sticker on the case.


This CD was released ONLY in the United States and has ONLY the single track of “Off The Ground” on it.

There is a sticker on the front of the jewel case which reads, 

REMIXED ESPECIALLY FOR RADIO BY KEITH COHEN Additional production and remix by Keith “KC” Cohen assisted by Tom Daugherty and Ulrich Wild at Larrabee West Sound Studios. Additional programming: Tom Daugherty.
For promotional use only/Not for sale.

This CD version lasts exactly the same length as the album, at 3 minutes 38 seconds.

This remix is VERY good, and is a definite improvement on the album track. The sound is much crisper, with not so much reverb on Paul’s lead vocal. The album version vocals come in on the sixth bar, whereas this CD remix has an extra four bars beforehand with the la-la-la-la-la-la-la’s that feature later in the song spliced to the start. Hence the lead vocal comes in on the tenth bar. At the end of the song, the last sung refrain is “Off The Ground”, which on the album is followed with four bars of hand-clapping music plus three un-backed hand-claps. Here on this remixed CD, the song immediately fades and concludes on the last beat of the vocal.

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