Step Inside Love / I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You

UK release date:
Mar 08, 1968
US release date:
May 06, 1968
Parlophone (UK) / Bell Records (US)
R 5674 (UK) / 726 (US)

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Track list

Side 1


Step Inside Love

Written by Lennon - McCartney

2:21 • Studio versionA

George Martin :
Cilla Black :
Mike Vickers :
Music director
The Breakaways :
Backing vocals

Session Recording:
Feb 28, 1968
Studio :
EMI Studios, Abbey Road

Side 2


I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You

Studio version


What does she think of the song? “I’m very pleased with it. It’s not an out and out ballad and I’m pleased that everybody likes it. It’s very important to me that my friends like it and that it gets good reviews. I like pleasing my friends“.

She tells how Paul came to write the song. “We had decided on a typical type opener for the show. Ringo was coming on and Paul said he would like to write a song for Ringo and I to sing but Paul’s Dad had already thought of a song we could do. So Paul asked if he could write a signature tune. Everybody thought he was daft when he came up with ‘Step Inside Love’. They all said: ‘You can’t open and close a TV show with a quiet number.’” The song’s success has proved Paul right.

Although the number was never intended as a single, it has been released now due to the fantastic demand from viewers. And it may surprise you to know that up to a few weeks ago “Step Inside Love” consisted of only the beginning and end parts heard in the series. Says Cilla: “It was only when we started getting these letters that I said: ‘How about a middle part?’ So Paul wrote it just before he went away.

From New Musical Express, March 23, 1968
From New Musical Express, March 23, 1968
From Sold Price: Paul McCartney dedicated to Michael, George Martin and Cilla Black signed Step Inside Love Words and – October 5, 0120 10:00 AM BST (

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