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Alexander Kok

Feb 14, 1923
May 01, 2015

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From Wikipedia:

Alexander “Bobby” Kok (14 February 1926 – 1 May 2015) was a cellist, a successful session musician and a founder member of the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Bobby Kok was perhaps best known for working with The Beatles on many of their songs; being a particular favourite of their producer George Martin. He played cello on some of The Beatles’ biggest hits, including “Hey Jude“, and “Yesterday“.


Alexander Kok, the cellist, who has died aged 89, was a founder member of the Philharmonia Orchestra, a prominent chamber musician and a popular session player; he is credited alongside Ringo Starr, Elton John and Eric Clapton on George Harrison’s album Cloud Nine. […]


Alexander Kok (also known as Bobby) was only nineteen when he was recruited for the first rehearsal of the legendary Philharmonia Orchestra, where he suddenly found himself in the world of experienced professionals. His career brought him into contact with many of the giants of the musical world. He fell in love with France while studying with Fournier and Casals and retired to Normandy at the end of his playing career. Using his accumulated knowledge he created a building in France with a perfect acoustic. There he provided coaching and rehearsal/recording space for talented young professional performers. Bobby returned to England in 2013 and remained there until he passed away in 2015.

Last updated on March 15, 2020

Albums, EPs & Singles which Alexander Kok contributed to

Tug Of War

By Paul McCartney • Official album

Contribution: Cello • 3 songs

Tug Of War - Archive Collection

By Paul McCartney • Official album

Contribution: Cello • 1 songs


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