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On the new album track “Love Awake”, the group were joined in the studio by the Black Dyke Mills Band. Originally called the Alan Wharton Reed and Brass Band in 1836, this Yorkshire band changed their name to Black Dyke Mills Band in 1851 when they were affiliated to the textile firm John Foster and Sons. An amateur band, their professional occupations range from a schoolmaster, builder, office manager, and textile worker. They have been the most consistent winners of the National Brass Band Championship and this year, have become the European Brass Band Champions. They have previously been associated with Paul when he produced their single on the APPLE label of “Thingumybob” coupled with “Yellow Submarine”.

From Club Sandwich N°14, April / May 1979
Paul and his sheep dog Martha pictured with the Black Dyke Mills Band
Paul McCartney with The Black Dyke Mills Band, 1968.
From The Irish Mirror : Paul and sheepdog Martha ‘My Dear’ on the streets of Saltaire, recording with the Black Dyke Mill brass band, 30th June 1968

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