Brian Clarke

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Work by Brian Clarke:

  • Cover painting for the 1982 album “Tug Of War”
  • Set design for the 1989-1900 World Tour
  • Covert art for 2005 single “Fine Line”
From Wikipedia – Clarke’s painted stadia and arena set designs for Paul McCartney’s 1989-1990 World Tour
From Brian Clarke on Facebook – A special moment captured of Brian Clarke, Michael Jackson, and Paul McCartney, posing for Linda McCartney. Soho, London 1982. Photo by #RobertFraser (art dealer)
From Brian Clarke on Facebook – Today, 24/09, would have been Linda McCartney’s 80th birthday. Brian and Linda, photographed by Paul in East Sussex in the 1980s. “Whenever Linda called me on the phone, I left the conversation feeling happier, even when I was low or she was low, just being in contact with her made me happy. She meant the world to me. And I am terrified of horses – terrified. Have you ever seen how big a horse is? They are big buggers. They’ve got big mouths with hundreds of teeth in them. I’ve always been frightened of horses, and it was a level of trust I had in Linda that I got on that horse – and I loved it. She lead me around and I felt really like, King Kong. She was my beloved friend.” – Brian in conversation, 2019, from The Art of Light
From Brian Clarke on Facebook – Brian and Paul McCartney in 1983, at the reopening of the Robert Fraser Gallery, its inaugural exhibition ‘Brian Clarke: Paintings”.
From Brian Clarke on Facebook – Brian’s design for the CD cover of Paul McCartney’s 1989 single ‘Figure of Eight’, from the number 1 album ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ (the cover of which was a collaboration between Brian and Linda McCartney).

Last updated on April 29, 2023


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