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Working with Paul McCartney on your version of his 2012 song “My Valentine” had to be a career highlight.

He is the most famous, maybe the greatest – truly – musician on the planet. When we talk about equals, is it Mozart? Beethoven? And so normal. So unaffected. So kind and humble and easygoing. When I got the message from him saying, I understand you’re working on a record and there’s a song that’s really special to me and I think you could really do this song justice, I was just really happy that I was on his radar. I made sure to convey to Paul that I didn’t want Paul to work on the song with me for what he’s done. I wanted to work with Sir Paul McCartney for all the things he can do. He is who we think he is. He is a masterful musician who has the ability – not only musically – to lift people up.

Michael Bublé – From Michael Buble enlists Paul McCartney, son Noah for new album ‘Higher’ (usatoday.com), March 23, 2022

Last updated on March 26, 2022

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