Michael Giacchino

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There’s an animated film [Paul McCartney] was putting together and wanted to do, so he called and asked if I’d want to work with him on that. It’s something we’ve been working on in the last bunch of years. One day, one day it’ll come to fruition.

Michael Giacchino, from interview with Slash Film, October 2020

I’ve been very lucky to work with him on a couple of things. Getting to know him over the past seven years or so has been such a treat, because you realize this is a man who just does this because he loves it. It’s as simple as that. He loves the challenge that music gives him. He loves sharing the result of that challenge with everyone in the world. You listen to the breadth of work he’s done and you say to yourself, ‘Is there anyone else on the planet who can say they’ve done what Paul McCartney has done in the music world?’ I’d say no.

Michael Giacchino, from interview with Slash Film, October 2020


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